YOU 2.0 Program

It’s high time you stop struggling, push the reset button,
and create your new life, 2.0!

You’re shell shocked and struggling. Not too long ago something big happened to your personal or professional life and you’ve been trying really hard to set things right. You are ready to make improvements… BUT you aren’t really sure how to recover and create a plan of action after some tough times, or know what it is you should be doing.

Newsflash! You really can feel great again and experience the things you desire! You just need to push the reset button, learn to use a few key building blocks, and create a new you!

Are you ready to transform your life into one filled with real joy and deep satisfaction? Would you like to understand how you can create an upgraded version of yourself? If you are anything like me, you arrived at this point in your life because something big hit you from behind, cracked your life wide open, and now you’re asking, “What Now??”

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  • Having the peace of mind that you are taking the right steps at the right time to rebuild your new life.
  • Knowing exactly where and how to get the help you need to put your life back on track in a way that feels exactly right for you.
  • Feeling like you are making the right moves to create a life you love.
  • Finally feeling like you understand yourself and what you need to be happy – and then getting those things.
  • Being confident in yourself and satisfied with your work life and personal life, both in balance.
  • Feeling like the best part of your life is the part you are living.

Sound too good to be true? I’m here to tell you that it IS possible! Get ready to write the script to your life’s sequel! Introducing You 2.0: kick-start the creation of a new you!

YOU 2.0 Curriculum

Part 1 >> Your story – understanding your past.

  • How to identify the parts of your past that are causing you the most stress.
  • Choosing a starting point for your 2.0 journey.
  • Bridging the space between your past and your life now.
  • Establishing which parts of your life are working, and which parts are not.
  • Revving your engines and getting ready to go!

Part 2 >> The Cycle of Change – discover your own metamorphosis.

  • Introduction to the four part cycle of change and transformation.
  • Identifying where you are in the process and what that looks like.
  • Saying goodbye to your old life.
  • Dreaming about your new future.
  • Rolling up your sleeves and building your personal and professional life.
  • Keeping your eye on the future you want to see happen.

Part 3 >> Voices in your head – disarming your inner critic

  • Putting a leash on your frightened, primitive “inner lizard” so you can try new things!
  • Using your imagination to inspire change and keep your spirits up.
  • Identifying what is blocking your ability to move on, then getting it out of the way.
  • Doing a re-org for some of the stressful thoughts in your head. What “everyone” thinks is actually what you think.

Part 4 >> Forging a new life with the help of an old friend – meeting the real you

  • Your social self and essential self - learning how to get them both working together.
  • Discovering your built-in GPS and why you need to use it.
  • Completing an inventory on the life you are living and discovering your likes/dislikes.
  • How to keep the parts of your life that work for you and change the parts that do not.
  • Trusting in yourself and the people you choose to spend time with.

Part 5 >> Believe that the best is yet to come – experience the rocket power of hope

  • Breaking the rules with your imagination - get unstuck.
  • Disrespect your own self-doubt and set your sights on a few impossible things.
  • Utilize your powerful capacity for hope to fuel action.
  • Understand the destructive nature of either/or thinking and how it limits your future.
  • Believe in yourself and the new life you are creating – without hedging.

Part 6 >> Dream out loud – gaze into your future, set your intentions

  • How to transform your impossible dreams into an inevitable future.
  • Define your future through the eyes of your Essential Self. The interview game.
  • Set your intentions and ask for help making your dreams come true.
  • Learn how intuition is deeply linked to intention.
  • Dream about your new future. You know, the one full of mojo, and laughter, and ease.
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Part 7 >> Your future is now – Stepping out as YOU 2.0

  • How to create a “first things first” list on your road to the promised land.
  • Discovering your journey is always composed of many little steps.
  • Integrating “the theory of well-being” – keeping your “happy buckets” topped up.
  • Creating a “next steps” plan that feels good to you.

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Here’s what’s included in YOU 2.0!

• A guided 7-part program that incorporates mind-blowing information for understanding and awareness, tools to create powerful shifts in your attitude, and homework to spark actionable positive transformation. This clear plan of action will help you to see results right away plus lay the foundation for your long-term success.

• A toolkit with fantastic “2.0 tools” and exercises to get you started with building a new you! These tools become yours to use for the rest of your life when you are experiencing change (and when is the world not changing?!). I’m not going to overwhelm you with materials. These tools will fit perfectly with each of the 7-part program and support the new you building process.

• 7 one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions with me conducted over the phone or via web video. These LIVE sessions will give you the exact support you need to get moving with your 2.0 transformation! Our conversations will be exclusively about your life, your process, and your discoveries. As you navigate the program, you will get the exact customized help you need to learn valuable ways to question your thinking, try new ways of doing and move on to achieve your own definition of a rich, full, meaningful life!


Plus, you’ll get these bonuses:

• A free 30-minute strategy session prior to beginning the program so you can ask questions and together we can decide on a path that fits you perfectly.

• A supplemental resource list so you can take the content deeper when you are ready.

• Email support during the program. Get answers to your questions, help getting clarity, or ask for extra inspiration along the way.

• Exclusive access to an online forum so you can ask lots of questions, share your experience, or get inspired by Christy and other people taking this program, (who will be your super valuable support network, as you create You 2.0)!


The Investment:


The cost for You 2.0 is only $2500.00. I have a money back guarantee if after the first week you are not 100% satisfied!

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How it works:

My free 30-minute strategy session is a one-on-one phone call with me. We’ll talk about you, your priorities, and the You 2.0 Program. When you apply, you will fill out a short form and we will get in touch to set up our strategy session!


Space is limited!

I select just 15 clients to work with each quarter. I am looking for men and women who are ready to devote time and creative energy towards moving on, and creating a new version of their life that ROCKS! I want you to be determined to end your struggle and begin healing, dreaming, and building a better life!


Important! If you do nothing, what happens?!

  • You keep drifting, you keep hurting, you keep doubting all while time keeps passing by.
  • You walk up to that great big white board with no ideas on where to begin restarting your life.
  • Maybe you stay thinking about the past and how bad things are. Meanwhile, nothing much changes.
  • Opportunities come and go and you don’t feel you can grab on to them.
  • Your relationships suffer, your heart sinks a little bit lower, you lose more hope.
  • You decide you aren’t worth the investment. Thinking that would be a big, fat lie! You ARE worth it! :-)

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 “I was completely devistated after getting laid-off this year. I felt like I was out of options and afraid all the time. I have a family to support and the clock was ticking very loud in my head! With YOU 2.0 I created a plan and learned how to set priorities and think clearly.  I got my personal power back and now LOVE my new career. This program works from the inside out.” Philip J. Atkinson


Do you…

• Often find yourself thinking about the life you used to have, back when you felt happy, safe and secure?

Miss feeling like you are standing on solid ground?

Feel frozen when it comes time to make decisions about what you might do with your messy life?

Get frustrated with the lack of real help available to you during this challenging time in your life?

• See your confidence slipping away as you struggle with loneliness and lack of direction?

Think something is missing in your life, but have no idea what that is, or where to find it?

• Feel most comfortable when you are alone in your protective shell?

• Believe your career has stalled and you are not sure there is still an opportunity out there for you?

• Keep your relationships with others at arms length, when in the past, you used to be all in?

• Want to be excited again, with a life full of anticipation, direction and purpose?

YES! I want to apply for my free 30-minute strategy session> 


Why work with me?

Not too long ago I created a dramatically upgraded 2.0 version of myself!

I found a way to move on and get a life that’s downright awesome, and you can too. In fact, I created a series of steps that you can use to go from feeling lost to creating your own 2.0 self!

After a rough divorce, my son moving out for college, and a big career change, I was spending a lot of time stuck in thoughts about the past – hoping the passage of time would solve my problems. It didn’t. In fact, as the months passed, I sunk deeper and deeper into my protective shell feeling sad and shell-shocked. I lost my confidence and the trust that things would ever be OK again. It took me two years of feeling miserable (and attempting one expensive false start after another) to realize I needed to be the one to make peace with my past and direct my own transformation. I also realized I needed help doing that.

What I know about creating a new you: I discovered, to my great fascination, the stages of transition and what it takes to create a “new you.” While building a new life can be a lot of work and at times pretty emotional, it helps enormously to know what things will help the process of metamorphosis along.

I know what it takes to kick start the creation of a new you and I am thrilled to be offering that process to you!

I created this 7-part program for anyone who wants to go from feeling lost to absolutely loving life! I wish I had this kind of resource when I was struggling with my own big life changes. This program is specifically designed to give you the tools to move forward after losing your way! I created it because I would have done anything to figure out how to move through my transition with confidence and success years ago. And now, it’s all here for you in a simple, clear, totally doable 2.0 program!

As a certified life coach, I have pulled together all my resources, life experiences, and trained coaching know how, by creating this program ... I believe in the miracle of the second chance. You 2.0! I have taken many clients just like you on this journey with fantastic results. I hope you make the choice to invest in yourself and join me for this one-of-a-kind program.

Invest in you.
You’re worth it!