5-star Genius Package


5-star Genius Package


A 3-week program to translate your life experiences and stories into a fantastic visualization that articulates your genius to everyone (including you)!


  • The buzz you will feel knowing what it is about you that absolutely ROCKS!
  • Getting just the right tools and support to finally see your own genius!
  • Realizing that the traits you took for granted as ordinary are actually extraordinary!
  • Setting yourself apart from your competitors with the things that are special about only you.
  • Manifesting your genius as a benefit to your ideal client and then having clients find you!
  • Seeing your core talents translated into a powerful infographic that feels like a huge compliment!
  • Using your pillars of genius to drive increased sales and financial success.

Here’s what’s included in the 5-Star Genius Package

• A guided 3-week program that incorporates an eye-opening survey packed with exercises that reveal your personal genius. Deep one-on-one coaching exploration into your top 10 genius traits. The creation of an infographic that encapsulates your 5-Star Genius using powerful titles, descriptions and images - - all about what makes you amazing!

• (1) one-hour, (2) 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me conducted over the phone or via web video. These LIVE sessions will give you the exact support you need to explore your genius traits and learn how to use them to attract clients! Our conversations will be exclusively about your stor y, your strengths and natural genius, and your future. As you navigate the program, you will get the exact customized help you need to learn valuable ways to discover your unique qualities, define them, and use them to drive increased sales and financial success.

• (1) 5-Star Genius Infographic! 8.5” x 11”

Plus, you’ll get these bonuses:

• A FREE single round of changes to your final infographic, including copy and photo tweaks, so every little detail is just the way you want it!

• High and low resolution color digital files, so you can use them for print and on screen. Your choice!

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