Client Testimonials

“The way I see it, everybody needs a Christy Miller in his or her life; without question, I am a better person because she’s a part of mine."

—Tamara Tuttle, San Diego, CA

Kind words from my clients :)

From the very first session with Christy I felt as if I was talking to a kind, warm, understanding (and hysterical!) friend. Working with a coach was a new experience for me and I am so glad I did. Christy is able to recognize things about me I didn't see on my own. In a caring and non-judgmental way she helps me to shift the way I see things or think of them that lifts the blocks that keep me from living the life that I want. Through my work with Christy I have come to see how the harder I push myself the more resistance I come up against. I've learned to be kinder to myself and am not only growing but enjoying life in the process! I highly recommend working with Christy. No really, I do. All the time! If you are feeling stuck or going through a transition Christy can help guide you through and uncover the you that you aspire to. I know she is doing that for me. I feel more open and excited for what lies ahead and full of possibilities. You'll see what I mean when you talk with her. Lisa C., Los Angeles, CA

I am continually inspired by Christy's deep understanding and compassion while working with clients navigating through divorce or difficult relationship transitions. Her calm guidance will lead you to a new confidence and a love for yourself as you discover the life you've dreamed of living. Althea Mortensen, Financial Coach,

If you knew me, you would know how not a potential life coaching client I have been for the last 41 years. I'd thought about it once or twice, sure, but then the snarky, sneering peanut gallery would come to life and I'd go back to sarcasm and justification of why I was fine the way I already was. I'd come to a point in my life, though, where I realized that what I had been doing wasn't working for me. Fortunately that time coincided with signing up for a few sessions with Christy. Honestly, I can't tell you how much those few sessions have changed my life. She has helped me approach the changes in a way that worked with my personality, which means I've been able to stick with her advice for several months now, and the changes I've experienced are pretty epic. I am a much more positive person now, doing things I love in both my business and personal life, and I'm happily checking goals off my Life List that I never thought I would. Thanks for helping me see how a few simple changes in perspective can make such a huge difference in the quality of my life! Today, I meditate for at least an hour a day, actually read self help books (although ones with sarcasm and cussing are still my favorite type) and use tools like the body compass to manage my anxiety and empower me to live a more satisfying life. Thanks again, Christy and Point Be! Chris Ford,

I was stuck, trying to find the career direction I wanted to go, and Christy was like a beacon of light shining through a foggy night. With her mix of curiosity and creativity, she helped me find the clarity and focus I was looking for. I am energized to move forward! Pam Bauer, Life Coach

When I first started working with Christy, I was on the tail end of making some drastic life changes from a very big transition in my life. Christy skillfully guided me through bringing clarity and understanding to thoughts and emotions that were paralyzing me. Most surprisingly, she led me into dreaming and scheming about my future. It had never occurred to me to move from mourning the past, to actually getting excited about what lies ahead! Christy made me realize that I had the power to determine my future and could actually craft it the way I wanted. With Christy's compassion, intuitiveness, understanding, humor and her ability to listen "between the lines", I learned so much about myself and got re-energized to live the life I want to live, to the absolute fullest. Stephanie M., Los Angeles CA

I spent many years, counseling hours, and effort trying to create the life that I wanted to live. I felt many times like I was close enough to touch a life of authenticity and joy but I would quickly fall back into old patterns and find myself stuck in negative thoughts that held me back from moving forward. I had very nearly given up hope. My work with Christy has changed all that. Christy used her laser vision to see my problems with clarity, when all I could see was muck. She gently helped me to untangle my thinking to make sense out of situations that seemed like nonsense. Christy's sense of humor and creative problem-solving skills kept me hopefully moving forward when I felt stuck. Even though I live 500 miles away from Christy and our coaching sessions took place over the phone, there were so many times when it felt like she was right there with me, holding my hand patiently while we worked together. And now, after coaching from Christy, my life doesn't look all that different - same house, same family, same job - but it FEELS extraordinary. I experience joy daily. I am authentic in my relationships. I truly love what is. Kathleen Harper,

I was hesitant to try life coaching at first. I tend to be a fairly private person so opening up about issues or concerns in my life was difficult for me. When I sat down in Christy's home office I immediately felt myself decompress as the soft background music relaxed me almost as much as her soothing voice. I felt cared about, validated and understood. She has a very empathetic way of reaching people and yet allowed me to open up at my own pace. I never felt rushed or analyzed. In her kind, soothing way she helped me address different hot spots in my life in a whole new way. I was able to apply her ideas and new way of looking at my relationship problems in a life altering way. I tried her techniques and could almost hear her gentle voice during the times I encountered my troublesome areas. We had probably 7 or 8 sessions together and I felt stronger and more capable afterwards with new tools and skills to tackle issues that I had struggled with for years. I could not recommend Christy more highly as a life coach! I would advise anyone who needs coaching to consult with her as she has an incredible way of communicating, teaching and helping her clients. She is trustworthy, honest and compassionate and it's as if you have known her all your life and are finally reaching a safe harbor. Kurt T., San Diego, CA

I am a 77 year old woman who is a big fan of Point Be Coaching! I have spent most of my life working in the health professions teaching others how to take care of themselves. I even led groups of people in stress management. I have read many self-help books and still take courses to keep up with the latest health and well being research. Unfortunately, when it came to dealing with my own stress and anxiety over my children's problems and coping with the challenges of aging, I found it difficult to help myself. I spent a lot of time worrying about things outside of my control. Christy helped me to see a new way of thinking about these painful thoughts. After 3 sessions, it felt like a light bulb turned on inside my head, and I realized something new and special was happening. I did “the work” and am amazed at how much better I feel today. With the tools Christy has introduced me to, I can better accept “what is” and be at peace. I spend less time worrying, and more time living. Thanks Be to God! And thank you Christy. Janice M., Philadelphia, PA

As a white-collar consultant, I found myself doing the same thing in the same industry, and with same career prospects. I spent day after day wondering how to bridge the chasm from desperation to inspiration. Wondering what my next career would look like, or at least how to approach my current career anew. To put it simply, I felt stuck and in a rut.

Enter Point Be Coaching and Christy Miller. In one short coaching session, Christy not only gained my trust, but also offered concise and insightful advice. She showed me how to change desperate thoughts into actionable inspiration. Christy’s empathetic and nurturing manner made for comfortable coaching sessions, even for a tough businessman like me.

With her easy-going style and inviting personality, talking with Christy about real-life issues is done in a loving, non-threatening environment. Further, Christy’s non-judgmental and common-sense approach made me feel listened to and understood. I highly recommend Christy Miller and Point Be Coaching to anyone struggling with their current career, looking to change careers, or simply starting a career. David L., Principal Consultant

As I began my inward journey with Christy's guidance, I found many places that needed investigation. I felt Christy's sensitivity to me in a way that allowed me to begin peeling away many layers, ideas and perceptions that I had held on to for most of my life. We moved through many places and concepts very deliberately with Christy always allowing me to change directions as I needed. Christy's attention to detail and her ability to help me review some of my thoughts truly helped me get a better way of understanding my thoughts. I will return for more time with Christy as I continue to find the different cycles present within me. My life is forever improved in clear ways that I had not seen before. Thank you Christy. Eider de Mello, Chula Vista, CA