About Life Coaching

A part of you knows what it doesn’t want, who you are, and the life you DO want. Together, we find that voice and listen to it.


Why hire a coach?

If you are visiting this website, it probably means there is something about your life that you want to change but don’t quite know how. Whatever you have been doing to find direction, motivation and reward hasn’t worked. The good news is that the answers to your own problematic thoughts, emotions and behaviors lie within you. You CAN learn valuable ways to question your thinking, try new ways of doing, and move on to get the things you want. Coaching gets you results when flying solo just isn’t enough. Buy a package ›


Why choose me?

I am an idea visualizer. I help the opaque become transparent. I add humor and color to the transformation process. I detect subtle truths, pick up on details and see through the mess to find the gems. If you are troubled, hang with me, for I am not! I’ve guided many clients into lives that are down right fabulous. I’ve been trained by the best in the business, and it shows. More on coach Christy ›


What are the packages like?

This depends on which one you purchase. During a coaching session a la carte, which can be over the phone or via web video, I talk with you about how to tackle your problem and set things right. The YOU 2.0 program provides seven weeks of DIY exercises and seven one-on-one coaching sessions to create a plan of action in the creation of a new you. The 5-Star Genius program steps you through a series of self-exploration exercises, combined with three coaching sessions, culminating in a single graphic that defines what makes you uniquely, fabulously you! Buy a package ›


How long will it take?

I recommend that you spend at least 4 sessions with me if you are trying the coaching a la carte. The coaching process pays rich dividends when applied in a series of powerful exercises that will lead you to working out your problem. The YOU 2.0 program is designed to take 7 weeks, and the 5-Star Genius program a total of 3 weeks. Sometimes clients choose to add sessions when they reach the end of the programs to take the process deeper or address related issues. You can decide on that and add sessions at any time. Buy a session ›


What my clients say they want...

[YOU 2.0]

  • get over feeling like a bomb went off and I don’t exist anymore.
  • peace of mind that I’m taking the right steps at the right time to feel better.
  • stop doubting myself constantly and reliving hurt feelings. I want to move on!
  • a fresh start to bring on new happy experiences and the feeling of hope.

[5-Star Genius]

  • know what it is about me that is special.
  • to feel like I have the mojo required to sell my services with confidence.
  • clarity when I create marketing materials to represent me the best way they can.
  • reassurance that who I am is what my future clients will want.

[Coaching A La Carte - Career]

  • change my career. I hate my job; this better not be all there is.
  • feel energized again. I want to enjoy my job.
  • make a difference, not simply earn a paycheck.
  • know how to resolve work conflicts and motivate my staff.

[Coaching A La Carte - Getting Personal]

  • discover who I really am, and what I’m meant to do. I have no idea what that is.
  • have more time and energy to do the things I want to for myself.
  • break bad habits, and turn off my inner critic.
  • really love myself and embrace my beauty inside and out.

[Coaching A La Carte - Relationships]

  • improve how I get along with my extended family.
  • feel good again about my marriage. Add back the novelty and friendship we lost.
  • find love. I’ve been alone a long time and I feel like I’m running out of time.
  • Learn to get along with my neighbor.

Point Be coaching programs:

YOU 2.0 Package
Kick-start the creation of a new you.

5-Star Genius
Reveal your genius, sell it to the world.

Coaching A La Carte
Tackle a problem, set things right again.