About Christy

I am an idea visualizer. My art box is filled with humor, metaphors, insights and rainbow colored ideas. Your transformation is my favorite subject.



Christy 2.0

When you have been on this planet for awhile, there is a lot of material to draw on when writing an “about me” web page. My guess is, you are interested in my juicy hero’s saga, where I went through some bad before it got good. Well, that would be this one… Years ago I suffered from a break up that left me feeling completely devastated and very lost. I believed at the time that my heart was truly broken. There were days when it was a challenge to do much of anything but cry. I floundered around questioning how such an awful thing had happened and did not know where to begin making things better. 

With the help of a wise and wonderful life coach, (that would be Martha Beck, the founder of my training program) I discovered, to my great fascination, the stages of transition and metamorphosis. With my coach, I went on a journey that allowed me to reinvent myself - - Christy 2.0. I learned how to get what I wanted most of all, understanding and peace. I’ve been through the ring of fire and came out the other side a wiser, happier and more balanced person. Now, I'm sharing that fantastic process with you… because I think coaching can change your life for the better. Much, much better.


Refining my gift

Over the last three decades, I have been an advisor, manager, and counselor to hundreds of coworkers, friends, and family. I love people and have a gift for understanding others. I trained with Martha Beck, completing her Life Coach Training Program and certification process. Now, I have new tools and bring a developed coaching methodology to all my client interactions. I established Point Be Coaching in 2013, and am very excited to be sharing my insights and creative skills with you.



It’s nice to be talked about.

I asked my clients what they think about me in the form of a questionnaire! Here’s what they said: 

  • Christy is an attentive, active, and intuitive listener, and gives thoughtful responses to my questions. 
  • Her caring compassion for others helps her to be an empathetic and trusted coach. She is kind hearted and makes me feel hopeful, loved and understood.
  • Christy maintains a calm, collected demeanor even when emotions run high. She makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Understood. Loved.
  • Her approach is non judgmental. She operates with high integrity and a strong moral compass. I know she will keep my personal information private and confidential. I trust her.
  • She uses a fun and light-hearted approach whenever possible. She is genuinely funny and makes me laugh with her own personal stories that she uses to explain things.
  • Christy is a knowledgeable resource who combines academic and experiential wisdom to a session. Her quick wit and intuition connect the dots.
  • I love Christy’s incredibly soothing voice and mannerisms. They put me into a comfortable, relaxed place where I feel at ease.
  • She uses a very artistic and creative perspective to solve complicated problems with visual solutions.
  • Christy has an inviting, enthusiastic personality. Her energy is uplifting.   Buy a session ›

cookie jar

I’ve got myself a website, so I decided to write my own little shout out. Why not? My success is the product of damn hard work, lots of luck, being on this planet a pretty long time, and benefiting from these amazing people.

A Big thank you to:

My one and only “coaching buddy” and friend, (I can’t thank her enough), the wise and wonderful Kathleen Harper.

My coaching teachers: Martha Beck, Susan Hyatt, Amy Pearson, Byron Katie, Brene Brown, Jon Kabat-Zin, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Sher, Eckhart Tolle, Sean Covey, Gretchen Rubin, Richard Carlson, Rumi, The Dalai Lama, Steven Hayes, Russ Harris, my besties in the coaches guild, and the teaching staff at the Martha Beck Life Coaching School.

Cherished friends and family of Point Be, (who helped make it all possible): Janice Miller, Philip J. Miller, Tamara Tuttle, David Kinseth, Philip S. Miller, Alex Olapade, Stephanie Macadaan, Lisa Crilley, Chris Ford, Pam Bauer, Althea Mortensen, Declan Creed, Shannon McGlathery, Robert Palmer, Lisa Tatge and the ever loving and supportive Jack (Yoda) Creed.

My deepest gratitude to all my clients. Our journey together has been nothing short of mind blowing. Your success is my success, and I believe in you all.


My right and left-brained thoughts and perceptions help you to understand things.

I help make what was opaque to you become transparent.

When a problem looks black and white, I add color. Lots of color.

I use words and images to visualize ideas, combining the power of design and coaching.

I can detect your subtle truths, pick up on little details, see beyond the obvious. 

I have the gift of being able to sort through your mind clutter to create order and clarity.

I love to share things with you and consider our time together a partnership.

I have a great big heart and buckets of enthusiasm to lift your spirit.

I tell a good story and will make you laugh while you experience your journey with me.

I want to meet you.