5-Star genius program

Attract new clients. Pump up
your confidence. Feel your power. You are extraordinary! 

You’re trying to sell your services. You look at your sales materials, website or blog and think you don’t really stand out. Your materials don’t convey that thing about you people are drawn to. You know you are good at what you do, but you’re not sure how to attract clients that want what you have. You just can’t see what it is about yourself that is special…

Guess What! You have qualities of unique genius that people want to have - you just can’t see them! You probably walk past your own genius every single day. We all do! Things you see as perfectly ordinary are actually part of what sets you apart from everyone else.  Did you know your personal story and life experiences reveal the secrets to your genius? Your appeal comes from the things about you that are yours and yours alone.



  • The buzz you will feel knowing what it is about you that absolutely ROCKS!
  • Getting just the right tools and support to finally see your own genius.
  • Realizing that the traits you took for granted as ordinary are actually extraordinary!
  • Setting yourself apart from your competitors with the things that are special about only you.
  • Manifesting your genius as a benefit to your ideal client and then having clients find you.
  • Seeing your core talents translated into a powerful infographic that feels like a huge compliment!
  • Using your genius qualities to drive increased sales and financial success.

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My genius can see your genius! My 5-star coaching genius is the birthplace of this program offering. By applying this methodology to myself, I learned what attributes I had that could translate into a unique client offering. This program is the result! My infographic, rainbow colored and curator genius point straight towards helping you see what makes you special. You could have one of these graphics too...

I created a 3-week program to translate your life experiences and stories into a fantastic visualization that articulates your genius to everyone (including you)! Get ready to see what your biggest fans love about you! Introducing 5-star genius: how to reveal your unique genius and sell it to the world.


5-star genius program

Week 1 >> The 5-star Survey: All about you and your genius stories.

  • One “kick off” 30-minute coaching session. Introductions, 5-star genius process review, ask questions, share your goals.
  • Following the coaching session, we send you the survey. When you have completed the 6 items, return it to Point Be!

[5-star self-survey]

  1. If I were a color exercise
  2. Favorite room/least favorite room exercise
  3. Things I like to do list
  4. My story (go-deeper questions)
  5. He says/she says: the mirror interview
  6. Your on-line profiles: your social self. Where you post, blog, share, sell.

Week 2 >> Top 10 Traits: Your genius is in the details.

  • Top 10 Traits List (tell me where I’m wrong/say more) based on 5-star self survey.
  • One hour coaching session - explore Top 10 traits/reveal genius! – quotes, stories, confirmation, refinement

Week 3 >> Visualizing Your Genius - An infographic.

  • Creation of the final “5-star genius” infographic
  • Your 5-star genius traits will be revealed! Get ready for, “The compliment of your lifetime!”
  • One 30-minute coaching call to discuss how the graphic can be integrated into attracting business relationships and success.


The Investment


The cost for the 5-star genius program is only $680.00. I have a money back guarantee if after the first week you are not 100% satisfied! YES! I would like to buy the 5-star genius program > 


Plus, you’ll get these bonuses:

I throw in a FREE single round of changes to your final infographic, including copy and photo tweaks, so every little detail is just the way you want it! Also, you get to own the final file outright, in high and low resolution, so you can use it for print and on screen. Your choice!


How it works:

Purchase your package and give us a call to set up your initial 30-minute 5-star coaching session. We will begin with introductions, taking time to review the 5-star genius process, answer any questions you may have, and start getting to know what you are all about. After that, you’ll get started on the take home survey that begins to reveal your genius!

YES! I would like to buy the 5-star genius program >   

“As a newly minted coach I was full of questions - Have I chosen the right niche?  What is my value to my clients?  How do I position myself in a crowded marketplace?  What do I have to offer to my clients that is different from everyone else? Christy’s careful questioning and insightful observations brought my unique genius into full focus. Christy is right when she says that you walk right by your genius every day; with my 5 Star Genius infographic I can see what sets me apart in a way that I never knew before. Christy has created such a valuable tool for me ... It’s amazingly informative and gives me ideas on how to market myself and my practice.  It’s reassuring for those times when I’m wondering what I have to offer that will set me apart from the crowd.  And it’s an incredibly beneficial tool for me to use to re-examine my niche and develop programs. Christy’s 5-Star Genius program is how she brings her own genius to life.  Her combination of intuitive and insightful coaching with exceptional design skills create an important bridge between what we know about ourselves on the surface and the beauty we haven’t yet seen.”

Kathleen Harper, Touch Blue Sky


Do you…

• Sometimes think you simply don’t have something unique that clients will want to pay for?

• Wish you knew what it was about you that people find special?

Want help revealing your unique genius?

• Seek a foolproof way to differentiate yourself in an overcrowded market?

• Need a way to help your ideal clients find you?

• Want way more clarity and confidence about what special gift you bring to your business?

• Believe success can be yours once you pump up your mojo?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to reveal your truly unique genius!

How cool is this genius program?

"For 10 months I had been doing all of the self exploration, digging deep and writing that an entrepreneur could do to articulate clearly to my prospective clients what was special about me, and to draw them in so they could "see" the reasons why they would want to work with me. Seconds after seeing Christy's own info-graphic I knew I needed her help! I had been looking at my life and business with a magnifying glass for so long I simply could not identify what my special sauce was - and worst of all, I was starting to feel like I didn't have any! Talking with Christy and getting my graphic was such a transformational experience. My graphic is an honest reflection of my genius and I am so proud to have such an awesome tool. Receiving my graphic felt like getting the best compliment of my life, one I could have NEVER given myself! Give yourself the compliment of a lifetime and let Christy help you uncover your genius and share it with the world." 

Lisa Tatge, Lee Bee Coaching