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Ready to make big changes? Create YOU 2.0. Interested in knowing how special you are? Try 5-star genius. Looking to get unstuck? Order up some coaching a la carte!

You 2.0

[Kick-start the creation of a new you]

You're shell shocked and struggling. Not too long ago something big happened to your personal or professional life and you've been trying really hard to set things right, but don't know what to do first…You really can feel great again and experience the things you want! You just need to push the reset button, learn to use a few key building blocks, and get busy creating the new you. Begin again with this powerful 7- week program. 

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"When I first started working with Christy, I was on the tail end of making some drastic life changes from a very big transition in my life. Christy skillfully guided me through bringing clarity and understanding to thoughts and emotions that were paralyzing me. Most surprisingly, she led me into dreaming and scheming about my future. It had never occurred to me to move from mourning the past, to actually getting excited about what lies ahead!" 

Stephanie M., Los Angeles CA

5-star genius

[Reveal your genius, sell it to the world]

You have qualities of genius that people want to have – you just can't see them! You probably walk past your genius every single day. We all do! Get ready to see what your biggest fans love about you. Your appeal comes from those quirky, special traits that are yours and yours alone. Learn how to reveal your unique genius and sell it to the world with this one-of-a-kind 3-week program.

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"With my 5 Star Genius infographic I can see what sets me apart in a way that I never knew before. Christy has created such a valuable tool for me ... It's amazingly informative and gives me ideas on how to market myself and my practice. It's reassuring for those times when I'm wondering what I have to offer that will set me apart from the crowd. And it's an incredibly beneficial tool for me to use to re-examine my niche and develop programs. Christy's 5-Star Genius program is how she brings her own genius to life. Her combination of intuitive and insightful coaching with exceptional design skills create an important bridge between what we know about ourselves on the surface and the beauty we haven't yet seen."

Kathleen Harper, Touch Blue Sky


Coaching a la carte

[Tackle a problem, set things right again]

Sometimes you feel lousy because you're not enjoying your job. Or a relationship. Or how you are looking in the mirror. Discover the power of working with a coach to try new ways to shift your thoughts and actions using tools that work! I am offering a free 30-minute "Exploration" phone call to chat about what's on your mind and how we can work together.

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"I went to Point Be Coaching specifically for issues surrounding my work/life balance. With two young children, a full and demanding job, and a desire to have a rich life outside of work with my wife, family and friends, it always seemed like a tough balancing act. Things sometimes happen to throw the balance way off course, and I wanted tools to manage my life when it started to get really hard. Christy was able to very quickly give me a way to problem solve what wasn't working and get more out of life."

Shannon M., San Diego, CA