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I listen, exchange ideas, and support you. I help you sort things out and get what you want. Taking you from today’s point a to a fabulous point be.

Life Coaching.

Life Coaching is a relatively new profession. It came into being because the world is “some kind of crazy”, and lots of people are engaged in “some form of freak out!” How do I help as your coach? I listen, exchange ideas, and support you. I help you sort things out and get what you want. Together, we ignite your beautiful, exciting, profound transformation. Taking you from today’s point “a” to a fabulous “point be”.
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What we do together.

As your coach, I partner with you in a thought provoking creative process to help you figure out what you want, and why you want it. I don’t know what your best life looks like, but deep down, you do. I ask powerful questions to help you discover your goals and ways to achieve what it is you want. You will replace self-defeating thoughts and habits with empowering beliefs so you can attract quality relationships, embrace self-acceptance, enjoy school success, find job satisfaction… Always, I work under the belief that you are the expert in your own life and know what is best for you. It is your resourcefulness that will lead the way on our powerful collaborative journey. 
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Break Free.

Coaching is especially helpful if you are feeling stuck, out of balance, or struggling with a big change. Perhaps you are ready to look at some challenge in your life that you can’t resolve. I am offering a free 30-minute “Exploration” phone call to discuss your coaching goals, and how we can work together. 
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Point Be coaching programs

Student Life

Student Life
I help young men and women in high school and college who feel overwhelmed or not good enough, figure out how to become strong and confident students so they can thrive both on and off campus. More on student life coaching ›


I show loving and passionate people who are struggling with loneliness or a troubled relationship, how to find or improve their partnerships so they can enjoy vibrant love and camaraderie. More on relationship coaching ›

All About Me

All About Me
I guide men and women who struggle with self-criticism to break free of persistent self-defeating thoughts, so that they can accept themselves for the amazing people they are, and create their new, exceptional life. More on personal life coaching ›

Big Transition

Big Transition
I accompany clients who are experiencing a big and challenging change in their lives, helping them discover comfort and peace, so they can thrive during the transition and move on towards the next chapter in their life. More on transition coaching ›

Career Life

Career Life
I work with professional men and women who seek profitable, deeply satisfying careers by helping them define their dream job and mapping out the path to having it. More on career coaching ›

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing
I talk with clients about maintaining a successful, balanced life - exploring small adjustments to keep experiencing “the good life”. We then take what is good and move it towards downright awesome. More on smooth sailing coaching ›


How helpful is my coaching? Ask my clients...


“Talking with Christy lets me express my feelings comfortably. I don't always enjoy sharing my feelings with others, but her easygoing style puts me at ease. Through working with Christy, I feel confident, creative, and happy. She offers what everyone wants: someone who listens.”
Alex O., Harvard

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“There are many things I'd like to tell you about Christy, but the simplest are: 1. She has a genuine love for people. 2. She is a gifted listener. 3. (And I think best of all…) She has a keen and clever mind that enables her to bring clarity, insight and wisdom to most any situation.”
Tamara Tuttle, San Diego, CA

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